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اثبات قوة العلاقات العامة وتحسينها من خلال النصائح والاتجاهات والافكار من خلال خبراء الاعلام في شركة كارما

PR Week

What should PR professionals do when publishers inflate circulation data?

SPH won’t be the last publisher tempted to inflate the figures, but even when acting in good faith, it is a challenge to separate real …

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How Are You Scoring Your PR Performance?

We began the panel thinking back to the start of our careers in PR delivering AVE and PR values – the dreaded number faced by …

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CARMA Wins Ten Awards at the prestigious AMEC Awards 2022

CARMA won three gold, three silver, and four bronze awards amounting to ten wins at the prestigious AMEC Global Communications Effectiveness Awards 2022. The leading …

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CARMA’s Richard Bagnall awarded CIPR’s 2022 President’s Medal

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) bestowed its 2022 President’s Medal on CARMA Co-Managing Partner and CEO for Europe & the Americas, Richard Bagnall …

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CARMA Shortlisted for 17 AMEC Awards

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) recently announced the finalists for the 2022 Global Communication Effectiveness Awards, with CARMA shortlisted 17 …

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طوّر عملية القياس الخاصة بك خلال الأزمات

على الرغم من أن معظم الشركات تخطط مسبقًا للأزمات، إلّا أن الغالبية منها لا تتوقع حدوثها. لذا تسعى جاهدة لوضع خطط للتعامل مع الأزمات بهدف …

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