Senior Social Media Monitoring Executive


  • Monitor social media platforms to find points of interest to the client through the latest tools and technology provided by the Company
  • Categorize items (sentiment analysis) according to client requirements, following the briefing document and the understanding of the client requirements
  • Translate and/or summarize social media posts to English
  • Create accurate and informative reports, Real-time/Daily Alerts and coded data sheets, as per the client requirements
  • Create attractive and informative charts and tables, imported from the analyzed content data, as per the clients’ requirements
  • Ensure data accuracy precision in the report, including but not limited to: tables and charts that add up internally and match each other, the figures cited in the narrative, as well as dates, names, logos and formats
  • Search and focus on buzz alerts, based on spikes in interests or rising issues, and directly report to client
  • Report real-time alerts, depending on their critical level, as soon as possible to the client
  • Conduct research on influencers to add to the database
  • Fill on TICK the time allocated for every assignment/report, on a regular basis
  • Comply with CARMA policies and procedures and support CARMA mission and vision
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned by direct manager


  • Bachelor’s degree in mass communication, Journalism, Language or any relevant field of study
  • Excellent English language writing and proofreading skills
  • Strong understanding of key platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.


  • 5+ years of experience in Social Media.


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