AMEC and CARMA Webinar: Keeping measurement relevant during times of crisis

03 June 2020 by

It’s undisputed that PR and communications measurement is essential. It’s especially true during times of crisis when communicators must adapt their content and strategy in response to what’s happening around them.

However, measuring the impact of communications can be challenging even during the best of times. So how can brands and organizations adapt their measurement framework to respond to crises and inform their communications strategy in real-time?

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AMEC and CARMA are thrilled to bring you this webinar with AMEC’s Chair and CARMA’s co-managing partner, Richard Bagnall, in which he will be discussing:

  • Measurement and evaluation best practices
  • How to measure in a meaningful manner
  • How to adapt your approach during times of crisis

June 11 2020
12pm London | 3pm Dubai | 7am New York | 7pm Singapore

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