CARMA ASIA launches Banking: Brand Analysis 2020 report

16 June 2020 by


SINGAPORE, JUNE 17 2020 – CARMA Asia, the leading provider of integrated media intelligence
solutions, has published a report evaluating how top banks in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong
were reported in local publications and on social media in May 2020.

CARMA evaluated a total of 1434 articles and 66,148 social media posts using a combination of cutting edge technology and human analyst insight. Banks were selected to be featured in the report based on the total value of assets under management.

CARMA’s media coding methodology enables in-depth analysis of key messages, products, corporate and industry issues. In addition CARMA’s proprietary Favourability Rating provides an objective, granular measurement of tone in media coverage.

The in-depth analysis reveals overall prominence and favourability of the banking brands in local
media, highlighting key topics of discussion driving reputation. The report also identifies the banks’
most visible spokespeople and their most resonant messages.

CARMA Asia’s Managing Director Andrew Nicholls commented, “This analysis shows that some banks were able to distinguish themselves in the media with definitive action taken in response to COVID-19 and an effective use of spokespeople to convey stability in uncertain times.”

He continued, “Many consumers are using social media to ask questions and voice opinions of banks
publicly, especially with regard to customer service and digital banking products. With the growth of
digital payment systems and virtual banks catering to niche segments, the traditional banks will need
to be mindful of this feedback and manage their brands effectively to demonstrate value. New entrants might not portray the credibility of established brands, but they will likely focus on digital
experience and customer-centricity.”

Citibank had the highest Favourability Rating across traditional media outlets in Singapore and Hong
Kong. Much of Citibank’s positive coverage in Singapore was driven by the firm’s decision to return
payouts received from the COVID-19 Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) funded by the government. A spokesperson explained that giving back the funding could benefit other individuals, families and
companies who have a far greater need.

HSBC had the most prominent coverage in Hong Kong and the most favourable in Malaysia. DBS and
Maybank took the top spots as most prominent banks in Singapore and Malaysia, respectively.


Download the reports here.


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