We provide media monitoring, evaluation and consultancy services that help PR and comms teams cut through the complex media landscape and demonstrate the value of PR to their organisation

The challenge in media monitoring has moved on. “Is it relevant?” has replaced “can we find it?”  CARMA tracks all forms of editorial and social media ensuring that, if you’re being talked about, we let you know asap. We monitor:

  • Print, 
  • Social, 
  • Online (including paywall), and 
  • Broadcast media (TV & Radio)

Rather than us simply sending articles picked up by keyword tracking, CARMA provides human reviewed and validated content from the media that matters. Save time by only seeing the relevant content from media lists tailored to your needs.

CustomScoop’s Media Monitoring Service provides all-in-one online news and Twitter coverage in a 24/7 dashboard. It combines powerful search technology with analysis and distribution tools to allow for comprehensive reporting of the topics and issues that matter to you.

Visit customscoop.carma.com

Breaking News services that are simply triggered by keywords can often see you drowning in content. CARMA uses a team of editors to cut through the noise to only highlight the news that matters, as it happens. 

Whilst daily alerts are crucial, there are some stories that you need to know about as soon as they happen.  Our breaking news alerts only flag content of strategic importance to ensure you’re never caught out. Our 24-hour approach means we cut through the noise and get you the content that matters before anyone else in your organization. 

News Briefings summarize the key stories of the day for you and your team and are fully customisable. Stories are collated and summarised by our editorial team and can be collated into themes or summarised one by one, providing as much or as little context as you need. 

Scouring the news takes too much of your time, and missing important stories isn’t an option for you. Daily News Briefings are designed around your requirements, focusing on your key publications, your industry, and your key areas of concern so that you and your colleagues can quickly read and act on anything emerging. These are designed in such a way that they are perfect to share with senior management. 

Automatically generate newsletters and any time of day or have specific users receive alerts that are only relevant to their business unit, region or issue.

Each user can adjust the layout of their alerts and the content sets, and times of the day when they are alerted to coverage. Alerts can be adjusted as required, so in times of crises they can be ratcheted up to help you stay on top of the news that matters. 

Evaluation services don’t have to be expensive. CARMA’s news monitoring services are supported by online dashboards that leverage technology to provide real-time data.

Our online tools provide regional breakdowns, spokesperson tracking, volume trends and more. Dashboards can be built by you and you can drill down from a global view to a topic specific regional view in seconds. 

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Your stakeholders may respond to text heavy reports with a strong narrative; they may engage with data on a purely visual level, so we can tailor your service to your exact needs. 

Depending on your requirements, our analysis allows you to gain insights into:

  • Social Media (earned and owned)
  • Geographic breakdown
  • Competitor benchmarking 
  • Industry insights
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Integrated Data

Online tools to engage with coded data as you need to. The dashboard feature gives you the ability to interrogate data and build customized charts and reports as you need to. 

These dynamic dashboards include all the analysis you need and allow you to build out your own charts as you need to. 

Human coded data that is based on industry leading best practise. Includes messages, themes, business units, regions, tone and a host of qualitative metrics that are tailored to your needs. The methodology and rigorous approach to QC ensures accuracy.

Human coded coverage ensures the highest levels of accuracy. The coding frameworks that we offer are built to your specification and allow you to demonstrate the impact that your comms program is having. 

Technology is great for data, but it’s this data coupled with insights from experienced consultants that give you the advantage you need. CARMA’s media analysis reports range from predefined quantitative analysis reports to  fully tailored international reports with integrated outtakes and outcomes data.

Using our combination of methodologies, expert analysts and technology, we interpret your data, highlighting opportunities and empowering you to make better decisions for your organization. We also tailor your service to your exact needs. We understand that Communications activity can impact every aspect of the organization – from share price to revenue, employee satisfaction to audience perception – so we work with a range of data sources that elevates your analysis.

Meaningful communications analysis has never been more important.  

A robust communications analysis solution is a vital component for a successful Communications team; it helps demonstrate success, but crucially will define behaviours – you become what you measure.  It is imperative that your analysis program is built with your goals at its heart

Our consultancy program is a workshop led approach that enables you to re-imagine how you demonstrate the impact the Communications team has. Our senior consultants and experienced leadership team will spend time understanding your current practises, your challenges and communications goals to build an analysis framework designed in a way wholly aligned to your goals.  

CARMA knows there is no substitute for experience. We believe that the quality of experienced consultants, their expertise and advice matter more than ever.  Wherever you are on your measurement journey we can help you prove your success.

Our consultancy program may include; 

  • Uncovering your Objectives
  • An Audit of your program.  
  • A workshop with your stakeholders
  • Executive presentations 
  • Helping you get the most from an RFP
  • Developing  training materials 

CARMA’s market research function works with both private and public sector organizations and can deploy in numbers across the globe.

Our approach to research is different – we don’t consider ourselves as simply data delivery agents – we engage, co-create and understand those groups with whom our clients want to work. By truly engaging and understanding our audience, we solicit richer and more actionable insight to inform strategy development. By enabling our respondents to co-create, ideate and fully engage with a concept, we go beyond traditional data capture and support our clients with what to do next.

Our areas of capability:

Primary research
a) Qualitative research design and execution – both online and in person
b) Quantitative research design and execution – on the phone, in person and online

Secondary research
a) Desk research to understand secondary data points
b) Media intelligence