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Are Vanity Metrics Holding Your PR Team Back?

Vanity metrics are those that feel important but are ultimately superficial, or worse, deceptive. While some vanity metrics are important for benchmarking, such as traffic and unique visits, they shouldn’t be mistaken for intelligence. In the big picture, vanity metrics actually hold you back.


The Smartest Thing About PR SMART Objectives Is Not What You Think

Your PR program objectives are a way to be precise about what success will look like. But they are also a critical means to confirm that your work fits in with the mission of your organization, and with the work of others in your organization. We’ve been thorough about being SMART, so buckle in for a ten-minute read.


A golden moment for the PR industry – why now is the time to reap the rewards of better evaluation

Following the announcement of CARMA becoming the global and exclusive media monitoring and analysis partner of the PRCA, we sat down with Francis Ingham, Director General of the PRCA, and Chief Executive of ICCO and Richard Bagnall, Chairman of global communications evaluation professional body AMEC & co-managing partner of CARMA International, to talk about all things measurement, and what the partnership will mean for the industry.


Four top tips for media monitoring success

Measurement and evaluation has become increasingly important. So how do PR agencies go about getting the most out of a media monitoring program? Let’s take a look at how to maximise your efforts and get better results with four top tips for media monitoring success.


How to start media monitoring in just 15 minutes per day

Your organization has tasked you with setting up a media monitoring service on top of your already busy role. Our day-by-day guide to kick-starting your media monitoring program will help remove the hassle and put you in the drivers seat.


Podcast: Proving That Coverage Equals Capital

Join CARMA’s Richard Bagnall and Hard Numbers’ Darryl Sparey as they discuss all things PR measurement, including our new joint research showing a direct link between PR and start-up funding, on the PRovoke podcast.


2020: Year of the crisis

What are the first 5 components communicators need to consider when monitoring and measuring during times of crisis? Learn what they are, and how to monitor in a crisis, with Gareth Owens.


Embracing change – should a new year mean a new measurement partner?

For most PR leaders, December and January presents an opportunity to look back and to plan ahead. For some, media measurement simply hasn’t been working well enough for them. To make change smooth and manageable, and to make sure you’re getting the right solution for you, take a look at our checklist of what you should look for in a partner as you kick-start 2021.

Commentary Events

CARMA’s AMEC Measurement Month 2020 Highlights

Each year, AMEC celebrates best practice in measurement and gathers leaders from all over the globe to share expertise and explore emerging trends. Offering nine of its own webinars this year, and with Richard Bagnall, our Co-Managing Partner and AMEC chair, regularly appearing throughout the month, CARMA played a large part in the celebrations for AMEC Measurement Month 2020.


Using Data to Tell The Story You Want to Tell

Measurement is about making that data impactful, compelling, and memorable by telling a story. A story knows its audiences and its objectives, just like a great piece of PR work. Check out our Challenger Bank Case study and discover how you can use data to tell the story you want to tell.


Measuring What Matters Helps You Tell The Right Story

How do we know we are measuring what matters? That was the topic for discussion at our recent webinar on Measuring What Matters Helps You Tell The Right Story. Read on to explore the key learnings from the session.


COVID-19 on health care communicators: a challenge that inspired greatness

Sarah Waddington, PR consultant and past President of the CIPR, has just announced the publication of Future PRoof’s fifth edition. A labour of love and tears, she pays homage to NHS communicators and shares their incredible and unforgettable testimony telling the greatest communications outcome of all: saving lives.


November is Measurement Month

Richard Bagnall, Chair of AMEC and Co-Managing Partner of CARMA invites you to join us from around the world this November as CARMA shares its expertise for AMEC Measurement Month, an opportunity for communications and public relations professionals to share best practice, knowledge, and explore emerging trends.


ICCO Launches 2020 World PR Report

Titled ‘Agency views of the path ahead’, this year’s report features an important section on attitudes to PR measurement and communication evaluation, written by AMEC Chair and CARMA Co-Managing Partner, Richard Bagnall.


How to Use Data and Insights to Inform Your Social Media Strategy

Coronavirus has changed our lives completely, including what social media we consume and how we consume it. This guest post by ADPR, gives you an insight on how to develop your organization’s social media strategy. They reveal; three top tips to cutting through the noise on social.


‘Do-it-yourself’ Measurement

Media monitoring has become a ‘must have’ for PR pros, but does DIY measurement work for every organization? From the frequency of reporting to the volume of articles, your requirements will shape what is the best solution for you.


No budget, no problem!

If it isn’t a lack of time that’s stopping you from kickstarting your measurement program, it’s probably a lack of budget. But a smaller budget doesn’t mean measurement is out of the question. We look at five ways to measure what matters, even on a shoestring budget.


Reporting communications to the C-suite

The C-Suite is often time-constrained, results-driven, and reliant on quality insights. So, how can PR report to management in the most effective way? We explain four simple steps to getting it right.


Beware of vanity metrics

In an increasingly uncertain economic environment, it’s just as important as ever for PR to prove value. If only there were a foundation to measuring what matters and proving your worth. In the latest edition of The Measurement Standard, we provide you with the ways of doing just that.


No time to measure? Think again!

“I just don’t have the time”. It’s the age old excuse, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Meaningful measurement doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. We reveal five tips every PR Pro can try to start measuring what matters today.


Highlights from the AMEC Member Survey

From industry growth to the adoption of measurement practices, the AMEC Member Survey reveals the industry’s optimistic outlook, despite the impact of COVID-19.


How to set up a global measurement program

As global PR measurement programs become more commonplace, you might be thinking about how on earth you set one up. Whether you’re starting fresh or having a re-think, we reveal the five things to keep in mind when getting things underway.


Barcelona Principles get a facelift

With the third edition of the Barcelona Principles launched earlier this month during the AMEC Summit, we take a look at their evolution since their launch a decade ago and what this means for PR pros today.