Dubai Airshow 2023

How Boeing, Emirates, and Riyadh Air are Redefining the Industry

The 2023 Dubai Air Show has been a showcase of technological advancements and strategic partnerships in the aviation industry. Dominated by strategic manoeuvres and technological leaps, the event saw industry giants like Boeing, Emirates, and Riyadh Air not just participating, but actively shaping the aviation narrative. With their distinct approaches to innovation, partnerships, and sustainability, these brands were a media focal point during the event.

This blog post offers a dive into the event’s media coverage, focusing on the top brands that dominated the headlines, their strategic positioning, and the multifaceted impact of their actions.

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The Leaders of Media Coverage

Boeing, Emirates, and Riyadh Air emerged as the top brands in Share of Voice (SOV), each displaying a distinct niche in the media landscape. Boeing showcased its industry leadership, Emirates highlighted its role as a global connector, and Riyadh Air emerged as an ambitious new entrant, signalling a shift in the regional aviation dynamics. Key highlights included:

Leading Headlines & Media Positioning

Boeing – The Leading Presence – Forging Key Partnerships:

Boeing’s prominence (45% SOV) at the 2023 Dubai Airshow was highlighted by global media outlets, including CNBC and The National, showcasing strategic deals like Emirates’ $52 billion purchase and SunExpress’s order for up to 90 Boeing 737 MAX jets (Khaleej Times). Notably, Ethiopian Airlines’ significant order, as featured in The National, and Oman Air’s acquisition of Boeing freighters, reported by STAT Times, emphasised Boeing’s crucial role in advancing global aviation and logistics. These developments, along with Boeing’s potential gains from the lifting of the 737 freeze in China, as covered by Reuters and Bloomberg, reinforced its position as not just an aircraft manufacturer, but a pivotal, resilient force in the industry’s future.

Emirates – Balancing Fleet Expansion with Strategic Partnerships & Sustainability Efforts:

Portrayed as a critical influencer in the aviation industry Emirates (25% SOV) demonstrated strategic expertise in aircraft procurement, highlighted by UK media including The Independent and Barron’s. The airline’s cautious approach to the Airbus A350 purchase, as reported by The Independent, showcased its rigorous standards and influence over manufacturers like Airbus. Meanwhile, Barron’s noted Emirates’ significant investment in Boeing’s 777X jets, signalling confidence in its growth and fleet expansion. Additionally, Reuters and Fox Business highlighted Emirates’ adept negotiation skills, balancing operational needs with industry relations, leading to a strategic Airbus order despite engine concerns. Collectively, the media depicts Emirates as a key influencer in aviation, adeptly shaping industry trends and standards.

Riyadh Air – The Emerging Challenger:

Riyadh Air’s debut (9% SOV) was highlighted by the media as a combination of strategic ambition and cultural representation, depicting its rise in the aviation industry with a narrative rich in symbolism and purpose. Zawya focused on the airline’s sophisticated branding that combines Saudi heritage with a modern outlook, while Bloomberg underscored Riyadh Air’s aggressive fleet expansion, indicating its intent to compete with regional giants. Khaleej Times reported on the airline’s extensive recruitment efforts, portraying it as an emerging powerhouse, swiftly scaling up for its ambitious inauguration. Additionally, The National News spotlighted Riyadh Air’s strategic alliance with Saudia, showcasing a collaborative effort to boost Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector. The media’s positioning of Riyadh Air as a dynamic new player touches on operational prowess with a unique cultural identity.

Coverage Drivers – Main Themes & Highlights

Partnerships & Deals, Sustainability, Advanced Aerial Mobility, and Aerospace emerged as leading themes. The focus on these themes indicates the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.

Boeing’s significant deals, such as Emirates’ $52 billion investment, spotlighted its market influence and commitment to advanced aerial mobility, as reported by The Washington Post. Emirates demonstrated a balanced growth strategy, aligning expansion with sustainability and aerospace advancements through careful aircraft procurement and infrastructure investment, as reported by media outlets Zawya and Barron’s. Meanwhile, Riyadh Air’s unveiling of a new livery and expected fleet expansion underscored its rising presence and focus on advanced mobility, while its partnership with Saudia highlighted the importance of strategic collaborations in the industry, as reported by Gulf Business.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Dubai Airshow provided a window into the future trajectory of the aviation sector. The insights gleaned underscore the strategic significance of these brands and their ability to navigate the complex interplay of innovation, sustainability, and public perception. Their media presence remains a critical barometer of their influence and direction in the aviation world.

A Note on Methodology:

CARMA’s analysis leveraged 5,989 articles published between November 10 and November 19, 2023. This study relies on the use of CARMA’s technology and third-party data, which are collected through automated means. Note: The brands analysed were selected from a sample of 11 targeted brands and do not represent all the exhibitors featured or present at the 2023 Dubai Air Show.

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