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On-demand webinar: Building Measurement Frameworks

Activity without meaningful outcomes is irrelevant. In order to command voice and retain budgets, PR needs to be closely aligned with the larger business objectives and be able to demonstrate its contribution in a meaningful, credible and relevant way.

At CARMA, we advise our clients to adopt a measurement framework to guide them through the process from aligning objectives, to setting targets, creating a plan and measuring the impact of their work.

In this session, CARMA’s leaders – Richard Bagnall, Global Co-managing Partner & CEO, Europe & Americas and Chair of AMEC, Rawan Hashem, Director of Content Insights and Orla Graham, Account Director will dive into the ins and outs of building a PR measurement framework that works for your organisation.

  • How has the measurement landscape evolved and where are we at now?
  • How to get started with designing a framework
  • Identifying the appropriate metrics
  • How to use the insights to evaluate, adapt and improve
  • Case studies of international organisations


  • Richard Bagnall, Global Co-managing Partner & CEO, Europe & Americas, CARMA and Chair of AMEC
  • Orla Graham, Account Director, CARMA
  • Rawan Hashem, Director of Content Insights, CARMA

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