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PR Evaluation – The Essentials for Measuring the Impact of Communication Efforts

Every organization has goals, missions, and results that it is trying to accomplish or needs to achieve. Setting up a measurement plan is the only way to know if you are achieving them.

In this session in FRENCH, we will introduce you to your organization’s best practices for measuring and evaluating communications. It will also allow you to identify and talk about the ROI you bring to your organization as Comms and PR professionals.

Topics include:

  • How a good assessment can help you sharpen your communication strategy.  
  • Integrating measurement culture in your company.
  • Extraction of media analytics and definition of performance indicators.
  • Market research: how to evolve your communication strategy beyond media analytics.


  • Jennifer Sanchis – Account Director, CARMA
  • Joseph Hayek – Director Integrated Insight and Consulting, CARMA


Sofia Tazi – Director, CARMA North Africa

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