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اثبات قوة العلاقات العامة وتحسينها من خلال النصائح والاتجاهات والافكار من خلال خبراء الاعلام في شركة كارما

Japan Mobility Show 2023

In a defining pivot for the Japanese automotive industry, the 2023 Japan Mobility Show has reemerged after 4 years, rebranded, mirroring the sector’s progression towards
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A Guide To Building Your Social Commerce Strategy

CARMA participated in a panel that focused on social commerce. The panel line-up included Andrew Nicholls, Managing Director at CARMA Asia; Marcus Yong, Vice President
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CARMA appoints Amjad Fakhouri as Commercial Director in Saudi Arabia

CARMA has appointed Amjad Fakhouri as the Commercial Director of KSA as it looks to expand its presence in the Kingdom. In his new role,
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Geneva International Motor Show 2023 – Qatar Edition

In the automotive industry, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) has been a consistent event, and 2023 marked a shift in its 118-year history with
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CARMA Nominated For 16 AMEC Awards Including ‘Innovation Award for New Measurement Methodologies’

CARMA has received 16 nominations for the 21st annual International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) Awards, the highest number of nominations received
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2023 G20 Summit

The 2023 G20 summit captured substantial media attention, reflecting its international significance, and evolving global political dynamics. Our analysis delves into the dominant narratives that
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