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اثبات قوة العلاقات العامة وتحسينها من خلال النصائح والاتجاهات والافكار من خلال خبراء الاعلام في شركة كارما

June Product News: Enhanced CARMA Mobile App and CARMA Insight Platform

This month’s updates focus on enhancing the CARMA Mobile App, ensuring you’ve got your media intel on the go, as well as improvements across your ...
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Green Hydrogen – Offre Maroc 2024

Uncover the progress and impact of Green Hydrogen in Morocco, driven by proactive government initiatives, with CARMA’s latest media overview report. Our report covers:
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A Reputational Reckoning – EACD Summit Session by Orla Graham

Orla Graham‘s dynamic session at the EACD Summit on the PR & Communications Impact last week in Sofia, Bulgaria, analysed: EACD Summit Orla Graham CAR… ...
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May Product News: Streamline Social Media Reporting with CARMA’s AI-Powered Dashboards

This month we’ve got a big update that will make reporting on social media monitoring a breeze. AI-Powered Social Media Reports Instantly generate a report ...
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When SaaS Needs CaaS: Insights from the 2024 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement

Last week, Orla Graham, Insights Consultant at CARMA, shared her expertise at the 2024 AMEC Global Summit on Measurement. In a panel discussion titled “When ...
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Insights into Novo Nordisk’s Operations and Strategies in the UAE Market

In a recent interview on Dubai Eye 103.8, Mads Bo Larsen, Vice President and General Manager of Novo Nordisk UAE, discussed the company’s operations, volume, ...
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