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اثبات قوة العلاقات العامة وتحسينها من خلال النصائح والاتجاهات والافكار من خلال خبراء الاعلام في شركة كارما

التواصل خلال الأزمات: دليل محترفي العلاقات العامة للتغلب على المصاعب

جميعنا يقترف الأخطاء. وهذا الأمر بديهي. لذلك نقوم نحن خبراء التواصل بالقياس، أليس كذلك؟ والمقصود بالقياس هو تزويد الأفكار والقدرة على تصحيح الأخطاء المحتملة، تقديم …

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Uncharted – How To Navigate The Future

It was a surprisingly interesting book. I started reading it with my researcher’s hat on, believing in the powers of prescriptive and predictive analysis. Like …

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CARMA’s Development Hub Hackathon in new Malta office

On the back of consistent growth worldwide, and with product development a central component to CARMA’s growth strategy, we brought our global product development teams …

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CARMA drives home its media intelligence effectiveness at AMEC Awards winning six trophies

CARMA’s wins emphasised its ability to work with clients of all sizes and in all categories at the awards. Particular strength was demonstrated in the …

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CARMA’s PRTech takeaways from ICCO’s Global Summit

ICCO’s Global Summit this year, against the beautiful backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge, challenged us to think about embracing the future. Communicators connected from over thirty countries, discussing new, emerging and unresolved issues that …

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CARMA and Emirates Literature Foundation Announce Partnership

CARMA is delighted to be the Official Media Intelligence Partner of the Emirates Literature Foundation, home of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, one of …

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