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The Campaign for the Portuguese Local Elections 2021

What has been the media impact on the Portuguese Local Elections in 2021?

Still emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, candidates turned to Traditional and Online/Social Media to convey their ideas and proposals. Everyone wants to be mentioned. Visibility in the media is crucial for the formation of public opinion.

The formation of public opinion about each of the candidates owes a lot to the media and social networks.

Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and specialised human analysis, we analyzed the main Portuguese media and Social Networks to assess the media coverage of the Portuguese Local Elections in September 2021.

This CARMA Report will:

  • Explore the visibility, coverage, reach and content from the media on the Local Elections (in all the country).
  • Provide Insights into media performance in Portugal, with details on the candidates from the most prominent cities;
  • Highlight the media coverage, by Political Party, County and media type: national and regional;
  • Analyze Google Search and Google Trends’ data about the most prominent Candidates as well as their performance and reach on their social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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