Media Monitoring

Around the globe, 24 hours a day, CARMA monitors the world’s media and conversations across print, social, online, digital and broadcast to deliver the content that matters

In an ever-changing media landscape where coverage is hard-won, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Our tools will let you know first what’s being said about your organisation, sector, or competitors, and our experts will help you focus on the content that matters. Whether you want to understand which media influences your audience, track brand sentiment, identify new trends, or gain an industry advantage, CARMA’s interactive dashboards, whatsapp news alerts, automated newsletters and executive summaries will deliver the coverage that matters, when you need it, wherever you are.
Delivering the coverage that matters to you

Global or local, free or paywall, our powerful media tracking tools crawl millions of websites – from online newspapers to blogs and forums – to find your coverage. We get behind paywalls to the content your audience is reading, and filter out the irrelevant, saving you time and delivering the media that matters.

The insights you need to understand your audience

Cut through the chatter and reach the conversations that matter with our social listening capabilities. From tracking hashtags and relevant brand mentions to identifying industry influencers, CARMA provides the insights you need to increase awareness, understand your audience, meaningfully engage, and better manage reputation.

Comprehensive print monitoring across the globe

From national to local, regional to global, our print monitoring service is as comprehensive as it gets. If it matters to you, your stakeholders and your audiences, we monitor it. Languages and location are no obstacle, we will help you ensure you’re copyright compliant and filter out anything irrelevant.

Track broadcast coverage anywhere in the world

24/7 TV and radio monitoring of thousands of stations worldwide means if it airs, we’ve got it covered. Speech-to-text conversion and closed captioning means we provide transcripts, translations, summaries and alerts, whenever and however you need them.

Designed to meet your needs

Our news alerts and newsletter services put you in control of your coverage. We can send breaking news alerts to your mobile to deliver critical content first, while our fully customisable media digests make coverage fit for sharing.

Expertly curated briefings for your stakeholders

With time at a premium, our Executive Briefings summarise coverage highlights and focus on what’s important. Our expert team includes the data, stories and content that matter, delivering overviews perfect for sharing with senior stakeholders.

Discover CARMA's approach to media monitoring and evaluation

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