Online Media Monitoring

Delivering the content that matters to you

Get your online coverage as it happens, and use our tracking tools to stay informed without drowning in content

The news cycle never sleeps and nor does CARMA’s online media monitoring, finding your coverage as it happens. With ever more content to sift through, and without the right tools, PR teams can miss critical coverage that makes or breaks brand reputation. That’s why we’ve blended our tech and media research experts to crawl the web and track the media for your mentions. Combined with a user-friendly portal, scheduled newsletters and real-time alerts you’ll always be informed. 

Cut through the noise

Online media monitoring completely tailored to your requirements no matter how simple or complex your brief. Set up to search the web for your keywords and topics with customisable filtering options and media lists to deliver only what matters to you.

From hyperlocal to global coverage

Track coverage 24/7 from your local news site, industry blog or international media with CARMA’s proprietary web crawler.

Free or paywalled content covered

We can capture content in all corners of the globe, with our expert media intelligence team on hand to support you on complying with any licensing requirements. So much more than just scraping any mention and bombarding you, we even include paywalled media.

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