International and Multi-Market Measurement

Compare markets, see what’s working and adapt what’s not

As a Global Communications lead, understanding PR performance across multiple countries when no two markets are the same can be tricky. Local and global organisational initiatives meet with a diverse and ever-changing media and influencer landscape; the results of that meeting can be hard to interpret.

Our International and multi-market measurement helps you better understand results at a local level and place them into a global context. Geographic breakdown includes:

What is multi-market measurement?

International and multi-market measurement gives PR and communication leaders visibility into team performance. It helps them move away from vanity metrics towards a better understanding of PR value or impact. With multi-market measurement, leaders can:

Multimarket Reports

Why you need multi-market measurement

International and multi-market measurement is critical for understanding the performance of local, regional, and international PR programmes. Without it, you’re just sending out stuff without knowing what impact it is having. Many of our clients use their market reports to:

How we create your multi-market measurement programme

Bringing industry best practices together with years of media measurement experience, we work with you to agree on a framework that includes the factors critical to organisational success. It’s worth noting here that targeted and reliable media monitoring is the foundation for any measurement programme.

A good measurement framework will usually incorporate details about:

What is a measurement framework?

We’ve developed our framework based on AMEC theory and best pratice and work closely with clients to ensure that any framework created:

For more information about how to design a media measurement framework for International and multi-markets check out these resources

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