Social Media Analytics

Understand your audience, manage your reputation, and drive engagement

Evaluate the impact of social media on your communications strategy

The pace and volume of social media is a challenge to keep up with when you need the data presented in an instantly actionable format. From real-time analytics dashboards to deep dive analysis reports, CARMA’s social media products and research-driven services are here to help you achieve success with social.

Manage reputations in real time

CARMA’s real-time analytics tools provide a snapshot of conversation volumes, automated sentiment analysis, top influencers, key brand mentions, geography, topics and types of social media. These insights will fuel a deeper understanding of audience demographics, brand reach, and industry trends.

Crisis management

As stories so often come to light on social networks first, you can use CARMA’s Social Media Analysis to identify negative sentiment and emerging reputational crises and react in a timely way as well as analysing your communications response to learn from and improve crisis management.

Deep dive on campaign performance

Using tech as a starting point our expert analysis teams can research and create reports that take a deep dive into specific events, campaigns or markets to inform your future social media strategies and help drive growth.

Social media Dashboard

Measuring what matters

Hundreds of millions of posts, articles and stories are shared on social media channels every day. With such a huge dataset it’s important to filter down to the people and the content that are impacting your organisation. Equip your team with CARMA’s social media dashboards to easily identify who and what is driving enagement as well as what your audience really cares about.

Identify top influencers

Who is driving the conversation around your brand or market and do they influence your target audience? Find out with CARMA’s social media audience analysis.

Media Types Dashboard

Link news and social media coverage

Analyse how social media conversations turn into news coverage and vice versa.

Facebook dashboard

Connect your owned channels

Plug in your brand’s Facebook, Instagram and YoutTube channels to see what content is resonating and when is best to post, whilst monitoring your competitors’ activity too.

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