CARMA’s Secondary Research

Increase the credibility and validity of research with secondary data and desk research

Pick up secondary data points which are relevant to your world.

Whether it is to understand the viability of a primary research programme or to obtain additional data points to back up your findings, secondary research projects with CARMA are a fast, efficient and cost-effective way of getting the insights you need. Get the answers you need with secondary market research and analysis across customer data, surveys, qualitative research, government data and more.

Save time

With CARMA’s team on-hand, finding and analysing the data that helps you in your research process just got easier. Our experts will cut through the noise of online databases and archives to uncover the data that matters and integrate it as part of your wider research programme.

Glean new insights

Investigating existing data points can provide fresh insights, understanding, and conclusions. What’s more, secondary data also extends the timeshot of your research, with longitudinal study helping you to understand existing trends and inform primary research initiatives.

Answer your research questions

The most comprehensive research triangulates data, encompassing primary and secondary research and using qualitative and quantitative research methods. To better answer your research questions, bring in existing or third party data to validate your own findings.

Get the full picture

It’s no longer adequate to rely on one data set alone. Across communications, various channels act as touch points within a buyer journey and all are of equal importance. The right market research and data analysis will provide insights on your audience wherever they hang out, whoever they hangout with.

Web search data​

Web search data

Integrate search data and triangulate results.

Purchase Data and Trends

Purchase data

Explore purchasing behaviour trends.

Behavioural data​

Behavioural data

See audience behaviour and visitation data.

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