Executive Briefings

Expertly curated briefings for your senior stakeholders

Media intelligence that matters to management

Ensure your senior stakeholders are kept informed with the news that is affecting your business, brand, region and industry with research-driven Executive News Briefings. Summarised by our team of news analysts and delivered daily, our hand curated Executive Briefings are designed to deliver media intelligence in an impactful way to an audience outside of your communications team.

Expertly crafted to your specific requirements

Executive Briefings save your team time from having to sift through thousands of content sources to produce their own internal news briefings. Let our team of experienced news reserachers do the heavy lifting and provide a daily briefing to your senior team delivered to your exact requirements.

Tailored to your market

Working with our experts across the world you can tailor executive briefings for different markets to ensure they have the media intelligence they need in a digestible format every morning.

Highlight the top stories impacting your brand

Our team of tech-enabled expert analysts will summarise the key themes and stories and distil this into a digestible format that focuses on what matters most.

Keep your C-suite informed

Staying informed in a fast-paced media environment is challenging. When a single piece of news can spark a reputational crisis or soaring share prices, time pressed executives need to know what’s happening in an easily digestible format. Our executive briefings will do just that.

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