About Us

The world’s most experienced media intelligence service provider expertly helping PR and communications professionals demonstrate the value of their work since 1984

Hello, we’re CARMA. We proudly work with both global and local organisations, across a diverse range of industries. We equip PR and communications professionals with the data, insights, and context needed to make better informed business decisions. We aim to:

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Who are we?


The company has grown today to work with over 3,500 brands and organisations across the world. We were one of the earliest companies to recognise the need for PR and communications professionals to demonstrate impact results. Our co-managing partners, who are award-winning leaders in the industry, have each led the monitoring and evaluation industry’s two global professional associations FIBEP and AMEC. Many of our consultants, who are also professionals, have been instrumental in developing some of AMEC’s world-renowned evaluation best practice resources, including the Barcelona Principles, the Integrated Evaluation Framework, and the Measurement Maturity Mapper.

Our Approach

People & Technology

At the heart of CARMA is a powerful combination of PR monitoring and research experts with innovative technology solutions. Our technology and proprietary crawler sources and processes millions of pieces of global content every day in over 100 languages, including non-Latin script, across print, broadcast, social media, and online. We use technologies such as speech-to-text, voice-to-text, NLP, and AI to capture, sort, categorize and analyze data. But we don’t overstate what technology can do, which is why:

Client service at CARMA

Our Approach

Our emphasis on client care makes our client retention rate the envy of the industry. This focus means we attract the most experienced consultants from the media intelligence industry. That’s why thousands of our clients trust us to help them understand the ever-changing media landscape, operate strategically, and demonstrate success. At CARMA, our client service teams:

Our Values

Our client first approach is underpinned by three core values

We are dependable

Our clients rely on us for critical data. We work with some of the world’s largest organisations, from large government departments to independent businesses. They all rely on us for accuracy and professionalism.

We are adaptable

We offer flexibility and customisation to cater for our clients’ unique needs. We believe the combination of our experience, technology, personnel, and regional and cultural understanding makes us unique.

We are committed

Our core capability is delivering meaningful data and context to leaders. We use automated analysis where it works well (quantitative data) and focus on a human analysis approach led by a team briefed on your goals. We work hard on your behalf to ensure success. We commit to ensuring you know what matters and what to do about it.

People and Tech at CARMA