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Press Coverage and Monitoring

Whatever your requirement across online, social, print, and broadcast; our media monitoring services are delivered globally, 24/7.

Whether you work in-house or for an agency, as a PR professional you work hard to secure coverage. At the most basic level, many people will still judge the value of PR by the press coverage generated by public relations practitioners.

So when the value of our work is partly defined by the coverage we deliver, its important to be working with a media monitoring partner you trust to deliver the clips that matter.

To secure long-term success for your brand you need to be outward looking, and with that comes a need to keep on top of what’s happening outside of your world. When you work with an expert partner, your media monitoring program will bring you insights that inform decision making, help monitor competitors, and navigate a crisis.

What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring allows you to track topics and mentions across print, online, and broadcast and social media. And for any PR pro operating in today’s complex media environment, it is essential. A good media monitoring program delivers the right content, at the right time, in the right format. Whether your objective is the pursuit of every mention; or to work with your media intelligence partner to source relevant content from the media that matters, we believe that your media monitoring solution should be flexible, adaptable and scalable to your organisation. Put shortly, media monitoring should be PR’s best friend.

What is Media Monitoring

Why do you need a media monitoring partner?

Stay informed

With CARMA’s full suite of monitoring tools, you will always be able to rely on up-to-the-minute visibility. See the coverage soon after it is published, so you can take action faster.

Demonstrate results

Show the value your team creates by keeping stakeholders up-to-date and highlighting the press coverage that shines a light on your accomplishments.

Create opportunities

Good media monitoring isn’t just about looking in the rearview mirror, it’s also about looking forward. Uncover new media opportunities and improve future coverage and results.

What makes CARMA's approach to media monitoring different?

For many media monitoring providers, the approach is about getting you oversight of all press coverage. And for many organisations, that’s great. We can do it too. But as organisations scale, it becomes more important to see the content that matters – be it by media outlet, topic, or something else. From fully automated online dashboards through to human-researched executive news briefings, our adaptable, scalable approach brings you the content that matters in a format tailored to your needs.

What are the benefits of media monitoring?

Learn more about how first-class media monitoring can improve outcomes for your organisation.

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