Media Intelligence Software Solutions

Access global media coverage with an easy-to-use personalized software platform consisting of a wide array of value-driven add-on modules and services

The CARMA Insight software platform provides clients with the information and tools needed to accurately monitor and measure media results

The media monitoring and analysis software packages user-friendly DIY functionality alongside the sophistication that CARMA experts can provide for clients looking for more hands-on analysis.

The Standard software license provides all of the basic tools you need to implement an easy-to-use and efficient media monitoring program.

The Professional software license adds access to premium and paywalled content as well as summaries and curated breaking news alerts.





Software Standard is CARMA’s cloud-based service including all our core media monitoring content sets for online, print, broadcast and social media.

Our Standard service is the entry point to CARMA’s media intelligence services and grants access to automated media coverage capture and analytics.

Software Professional offers all the service & feature options from Standard, plus human curation services to enhance the relevance and quality of content and data.

Helps improve the breadth and relevance rates of your captured media coverage, allowing you to quickly identify the coverage that matters.


PR, Comms & Insight professionals from small and medium sized businesses.

PR, Comms & Insight professionals who want better quality content and data than what a purely software-driven service can provide.

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