Social Media Listening

The insights you need to understand your audience, engage, and manage your reputation

Identify the engagement that matters

Cutting through the noise on social media to find the engagement that matters can be challenging. CARMA’s social media listening tools equip you with the information you need to be relevant in social media conversations and manage your reputation effectively. Track mentions of your brand and competitors, spot breaking stories, viral trends and identify influencers.

Stay ahead of breaking social stories

Know your brand is trending as it happens with real-time alerts based on velocity of mentions and relevance. Track your competitors, identify the most important influencers and manage your social media strategy.

Manage your reputation across multiple social platforms

See how your message resonates with your audience and the types of content they engage with on social media platforms.

Optimise your social channels

Understand how and when your audience engages with your social channels. A consolidated dashboard view puts vital reports about up-to-the-minute activity and trends at your fingertips.

Social dashboard

Get all-in-one news and social media monitoring

CARMA Social is a powerful extension to news media monitoring. Combined with CARMA’s global media intelligence, world-leading brands use CARMA’s social listening to gain comprehensive insight into earned media and real-time feedback on customer perception.


Monitor social media conversations

Understand how your organisation is discussed on social platforms. Whether you need the full suite of social listening tools or basic social media monitoring we’ve got the solution to fit.

Social dashboard

Connect your brand's social accounts

Plug-in your owned channels to view analytics for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in one customisable dashboard.

Media Types

Analyse news and social media mentions in one place

Combining mainstream and social media allows you to undertand the impact of media on customer perception, as well as the impact of social on the news agenda. Tactically you can quickly identify the relevant influencers and trends and themes to respond to.

Discover CARMA's approach to media monitoring and evaluation

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