CARMA’s Primary Research

Get to the heart of your audience by truly understanding what makes them tick

Engaging market research

CARMA’s approach to primary market research and analysis is different. We don’t consider ourselves as simply data delivery agents; we engage, co-create and understand those groups our clients want to target. By truly engaging and understanding our audience, we solicit richer and more actionable insight to inform strategy development. By enabling our respondents to co-create, ideate and fully engage with a concept, we go beyond data capture and support our clients in using primary market data and analysis to develop audience centric and co-designed strategies.

Always evolving

We are always evolving our research and analysis techniques. Whether using innovative platforms to engage with knowledgeable participants or chatbots to gather quantitative data, evolution and innovation are at the heart of what we do.

All about humans

Our human-centric approach to market research gives clients deeper insights and ensures that participants gain a rewarding experience too.

Intelligence you own

The data we gather, the insights we gain and the conclusions you draw are unique to your business. From this foundation of truth you can gain competitive advantage and give your audiences exactly what they need.

Bring clarity to your business landscape

We deliver accurate, reliable and valid research results to support you in your planning and evaluation activity. Our experienced team works to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities for growth and development. Be it pulse surveys or semi-structured interviews, our market research consultants deliver the insights that matter to you and your organisation.

Reputational pillars

Reputation monitoring and tracking

Reputation can be won and lost in an instant. Stay ahead with a partner you can trust.

Audience segmentation

Understanding your audience, building trust and understanding concerns is key in communications.

Representative panels

Learn from people who truly reflect the audience you want to engage with.

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