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Designed to meet your needs

Getting the right content to you and your stakeholders at the right time, everytime

Managing a 24/7 stream of media coverage so that you and your key stakeholders don’t miss a beat shouldn’t take a lot of time. With CARMA’s comprehensive news indexing technology and customisable newsletters, you have the latest clips at your fingertips whenever you need it. This fully customised media monitoring solution gives you the ability to filter priority stories and stay focused on results that matter.

Stay informed

With the ability to create targeted email alerts, CARMA’s PR newsletter tool gives you up-to-the-minute visibility. You see the coverage shortly after it gets published, so you can take action faster.

Demonstrate results

Show the value your team creates with emails using personalised charts and graphs. It keeps stakeholders informed, enables competitive analysis, and highlights your accomplishments in the media.

Create opportunities

Good media intelligence isn’t about looking in the rearview mirror. Customised email updates help to uncover new PR and media opportunities that you can use to improve future coverage and results.

Your media dashboard in your inbox

Leverage technology to build customised newsletters with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Schedule delivery whenever you like. See the results in your inbox. It’s that simple.

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Group and filter your results using just a few clicks.

Daily Newsletter edit


Use your own logo and brand colours.

Daily Electric Vehicle News


Include charts and graphs to summarise your results.

Breaking news alerts

Breaking News services that are solely triggered by keywords can drown you in content. CARMA’s team of expert editors work 24/7 across the globe to cut through the noise and highlight the news that matters, as it breaks. Using our platform and mobile app, you can configure or customize your alerts based on keyword matches, sentiment triggers and volume spikes.

Alerting you to what matters

Our 24-hour approach means we cut through the noise and get you the content that matters before anyone else in your organisation.

Keeping one-step ahead

Our 24-hour approach means we cut through the noise and get you the content that matters before anyone else in your organisation.

Delivered in your preferred format

Choose from email, whatsapp, text and CARMA Mobile app alerts and never miss the most important news.

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