Broadcast Media Monitoring

Track broadcast coverage anywhere in the world

Broadcast media remains relevant and important

In a crowded media space broadcast remains one of the most trusted sources of news. With that in mind it’s important to understand what influential broadcasters are saying about your organisation and how your audience reacts. CARMA’s broadcast media monitoring tracks TV and radio in all corners of the globe so you’ll always be ready to react to broadcast coverage.

Monitor local, regional or national TV and radio all over the world

Our broadcast monitoring software uses speech to text captions for thousands of TV and Radio stations so you can track broadcast coverage in your key markets all over the world. From local radio to national TV we can match your requirements so you can monitor broadcast coverage that matter to you.

Monitor the TV and Radio shows that matter most

Track the keywords and mentions that are the most relevant to you on the channels and shows that matter the most to your audience. Whether you want all broadcast mentions in your market or only primetime national news bulletins we can tailor a package to suit.

Understand coverage in any language

Alongside your broadcast clips we can also provide a translated abstract of the clip or full transcriptions when required.

Curated Broadcast Coverage

For more accurate broadcast content, our team monitors channels or programs specified by you to capture the coverage that matches your criteria. This is particularly useful for local or niche channels that are usually not covered through typical broadcast monitoring services. 

CARMA’s Broadcast Coverage service can be provided as an ad hoc or on a regular basis, and all the captured clippings can be uploaded into your CARMA Insight platform account or delivered to you through in various digital formats.

Broadcast delivered how you want it

CARMA is focused on finding the content that matters to you, no matter the size of your organisation, to help manage reputation and better understand media performance. From automated searches through to human-researched and expertly summarised extracts, our approach is the one that brings you the content that matters, in the format you want it.

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