Consultancy and Market Research

The world’s leading PR and comms measurement experts partner with you to build measurement frameworks, engage audiences, achieve deeper insights and inform strategy development.

Organisations need to work across multiple fronts to earn and build their reputation. CARMA’s Consultancy and Market Research teams help organisations around the world understand how trust, engagement and impact contribute to their reputation, and what to do as a result. Our consultants work with you to undertand where you are in your measurement maturity and help you take the next step in your journey. Our approach to market research is different – by enabling respondents to co-create, ideate and fully engage with a concept, we go beyond surveys, samples and traditional data capture, and support our clients with what to do next.

Embedding a culture of measurement in your organisation

Our workshop-led approach engages stakeholders throughout the business, designing measurement frameworks that resonate and create lasting change. CARMA is uniquely able to pull together all data streams required to deliver a 360° view on your truth. We can bring together out-take and outcome data, and develop models to demonstrate causality and link outputs back to organisational objectives.

Find out what makes them tick

Get to the heart of your audience by letting us engage with them, understand their needs, and match product to persona. CARMA conducts qualitative and quantitative research, design and execution on the phone, in person and online. We help clients with focus groups, surveys and segmentation. Our researchers know the right questions to ask to get insights that matter, while using representative sampling to gather customer and market data that’s both accurate and actionable.

Build the full picture

CARMA’s team of analysts undertake extensive desk research to understand secondary data points that are relevant to your world. Combining secondary data with world-class media intelligence, we begin to build the data points that you need to understand causality and link impacts back to objectives.

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