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Top 5 PR Podcasts for 2022

CARMA's Top 5 recommended PR Podcasts for 2022

Podcasting was the way to consume content in 2021 and it looks like that trend is going to continue in 2022. There are many PR podcasts out there, here’s our top 5 PR podcasts you should look out for heading into 2022.

PRmoment Podcast

PRmoment understands the importance of your personal life and how it can have a direct impact on your career.

As such, instead of focusing only on communications techniques and the online world like other podcasts do, PRmoment brings in leading individuals in the PR world to talk about their life stories.

From successes to landslides, menopause to diversity, special guests on every episode share who they are and how they have got to where they are today. It is as much a motivational podcast as it is a PR podcast.

The PRWeekly Podcast (The PR Show)

The PR Show is very much interested in ‘in the moment’ happenings within the PR world.

With a whole range of industry experts eager to share their thoughts and feelings on the latest events backing him up, host Jermaine Jenas sheds light on everything you need to know about current events.

Recent episodes have discussed the COVID 19 pandemic and racism at the Euro football finals, all while explaining how they have impacted communications.

The Influencer Marketing Lab

The world of online influencers is often a bleak and confusing topic to navigate. But Scott Guthrie takes it all in his stride.

Every episode features a special guest to discuss how to market yourself in one of the fastest-growing online sectors.

Guthrie also often takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture of influencer marketing – negative press, current events, contextual trends – and discusses how to harness these into your online success.

#FuturePRoof Podcast

Mastermind duo Stephen and Sarah Waddington is essentially a recorded conversation between two of the world’s leading PR specialists.

The podcast aims to clarify the importance of PR not just as a management strategy within business but also how public relations influences the wider world.

Between politics, the launch of new businesses, general PR news, and business disciplines, this podcast covers it all.

The PRovoke Media PR Podcast

Of course, there is no way that PRovoke Media Podcast could be excluded from this list.

With self-proclaimed ‘unrivalled global coverage of the public relations industry’, PRovoke Media takes a look at the PR industry and how that impacts the working world.

Communication is the key focus of this podcast, with special guests from all industries openly discussing how communication and PR impact their work lives.

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