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November is Measurement Month

Dive into all things PR measurement with CARMA's industry-leading experts

3-5 minutes

Every year in November, the world’s PR and communications industry turns its close attention to the importance of measurement and evaluation. AMEC, the global trade association that represents best practice in PR measurement, co-ordinates and runs a series of educational events that show case meaningful measurement, data, analytics and insights right across the month.

As AMEC’s chair, I have the honor of speaking at the launch event of Measurement Month. Unbelievably, AMEC is rapidly approaching its 25th anniversary having been founded in 1996. As one of the first few members of AMEC, it seems incredible to me that the association can be approaching this milestone. Not least as it also marks a personal milestone for me –25 years since I ‘jumped ship’ from being a PR practitioner to working on the other side in measurement and evaluation.

In celebration then of AMEC’s forthcoming silver jubilee, I took the opportunity to look back at the evolution of PR measurement, and the critically important role that the association has played in driving the industry forward.  I reflect on how in an age where we have all become used to so much disruption, the need for meaningful measurement has grown ever more important. I discuss the evolution of our free resources and tools, especially the Barcelona Principles, the Valid Metrics Frameworks, the Social Media Measurement Frameworks, AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework and the Measurement Maturity Mapper.

I also look to the future where I highlight opportunity and challenges. Without spoiling the content of the video, it’s worth saying that the top challenge is the need for communicators to resist the urge to believe that just counting basic ‘activity-related’ metrics is akin to meaningful measurement.  In an era where budgets are under intense pressure, just pointing to activity will not suffice. That makes you a cost center to your organization. To defend and enhance budgets in 2021 PR professionals must demonstrate the value that they create for their organization. It’s not as hard as it might sound and I explain how.

My webinar fast paced and light-hearted and is available to watch again on demand.

I am also thrilled to shine a light on my brilliant colleagues at CARMA UK who are supporting Measurement Month with a series of forthcoming live events over the next few weeks. First up, later today, will be Orla Graham who is in conversation with influencer marketing expert Scott Guthrie. They will be discussing Influencers, PR & measurement and there’s still time to register for the event.

On the 12th November, CARMA’s commercial director and industry veteran Jason Weekes, will be demystifying PR Measurement, and exploring ways to make analysis and evaluation easier to deliver. Jason has a wealth of experience in this area and will be sharing some valuable tips.

On the 26th November, CARMA’s client services director, Alison Williams will be providing a highly relevant case study where she will showcase how to use data to tell a meaningful measurement story.

My CARMA colleagues from around the world are also supporting Measurement month in their regions. You can see a full list of events with sign up and catch up details all on this page.

I hope you enjoy the content that is being shared this year. Do follow along on social channels too using the hashtag #AMECMM

Richard Bagnall is the Co-Managing Partner for CARMA International, a global provider of communications evaluation tools, technology and consulting services. He has been a board director of AMEC for over 10 years and currently serves as its chair. He has advised international clients on the best ways to measure the effectiveness of PR and prove its value to the organization for 25 years. During this time he has built and led some of the world’s foremost communications measurement consultancies, including Metrica, Gorkana and PRIME Research. Prior to his career in PR measurement and insights, Richard worked in public relations both in house and in agencies.

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