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A framework for measuring what matters in PR

56 minutes

Last summer, we co-hosted an exclusive seminar with PRCA SEA at the Ogilvy Singapore offices, where our co-managing partner and chair of AMEC, Richard Bagnall, shared international PR and communications measurement and evaluation best practices.

In the recording below, Richard discusses:

  • How the last 10 years have been an era of unprecedented change whereby the media and PR landscape have changed significantly. However, measurement and evaluation techniques have not kept pace.
  • Why we need to rethink our approach to evaluation and the metrics we should count if PR professionals are to remain relevant in today’s era of accountability.
  • This includes moving away from using AVEs (Advertising Value Equivalents) – a metric that is flawed and in steep decline all around the world, yet the majority of Asia is still using.
  • Tips on how we can measure our work and prove the effectiveness of our contribution in a manner that is meaningful, credible and relevant to modern communications and PR programs.

Watch the recording of the seminar below.

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