Aviation’s Next Chapter: Insights from the Paris Air Show 2023

A Comprehensive Media Overview

The Paris Air Show 2023, one of the industry’s most influential events, has given us a glimpse into the future of aviation. Renowned brands such as Airbus, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, Thales, and Honeywell Aerospace left significant footprints on the tarmac, each crafting a story that paints a vivid picture of the industry’s trajectory. CARMA analysed 16,870 articles published from June 19th to June 25th to understand the narratives shaping the Aviation industry’s future.

Most Mentioned Organizations


With a 42% share of voice at the Air Show, Airbus established its dominance by securing a historic order from IndiGo for 500 A320neo family aircraft. Reflecting on the deal, IndiGo Chief Executive Pieter Elbers said, “This is just the beginning, there’s more going forward. With the growth of India (and) the growth of the Indian aviation market, this is the right time for us to place this order”. Airbus also secured substantial orders from airlines including Air India, Qantas, and Philippine Airlines. From a media standpoint, the company’s record-breaking IndiGo deal positions Airbus as the front-runner over Boeing at the Air Show. This highlights Airbus’s ability to cater to diverse airlines and further validates the brand’s strength in this dynamic market.


Boeing seized the limelight with a 34% share of voice, driven by significant business deals and collaborations aimed at sustainability. A pivotal moment was the signing of a deal with Riyadh Air for 90 GEnx-1B engines to power its new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, coupled with its collaboration with NASA on a new wing design. Tony Douglas, CEO of Riyadh Air, stated, “The agreement highlights our determination to significantly extend Saudi Arabia’s connectivity with the world. We look forward to fostering strong strategic relationships within the wider aviation ecosystem.” This narrative adds another dimension to Boeing’s brand image, placing it at the forefront of sustainable aviation.

Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies, now rebranded as RTX marked its presence with a 7% share of voice, demonstrating its resilience and potential in the aerospace sector. RTX CEO Greg Hayes spoke to Phil LeBeau at the Paris Air Show, emphasizing, “We’re back to pre-pandemic levels domestically for air traffic, we’re almost back there internationally. And we still see four-and-a-half, five percent annual growth at least for the next decade”. Even amidst a temporary dip in stock triggered by a strike at another aerospace company, Raytheon’s RTX potential for securing future orders remained unscathed. This assertion underscores RTX’s robust market position and potential for future growth.


Thales, with a 4% share of voice, unveiled their ‘Fly to Gate’ biometric passenger journey solution in India during the Paris Air Show, promising to redefine airport security and passenger convenience. Ashish Saraf, Vice President and Country Head for Thales India said, “The DigiYatra app on your phone will allow you to register your boarding pass, and scan your face, it authenticates the face with your biometrics in Aadhaar and registers yourself as a passenger enabled by DigiYatra”.

This innovative approach, rooted in facial recognition technology, has positioned Thales as an avant-garde player in the aviation industry.

Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace, grabbing a 3% share of voice, announced a substantial deal with Dassault for its fleet of Falcon business aircraft during the Paris Air Show. Its Aspire 350 satellite communications system, aimed to deliver greater reliability, cost savings, and efficiency, reinforces Honeywell Aerospace’s standing as an industry leader in connectivity hardware and services. Steve Hadden, Vice President and General Manager, Services and Connectivity, at Honeywell Aerospace said, “Staying connected is critical to flight safety and efficiency, and we are proud that Dassault has selected the Aspire 350 for its fleet of best-in-class business aircraft”.

Final Thoughts

The Paris Air Show 2023 has proven to be an illuminating event for the aviation industry, with brands like Airbus, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, Thales, and Honeywell Aerospace making considerable strides. Their share of voice at the event resonates with their influence and the attention they’ve garnered, setting the stage for their continued growth and leadership in the industry. As we continue this journey, it’s clear that these companies are piloting the industry’s future, backed by innovative solutions and significant deals. The sky, it seems, is not the limit.

A Note on Methodology:

CARMA analysed 16,870 articles published between June 19th and June 25th. This study relies on the utilization of CARMA’s technology and third-party data, which are collected through automated means.

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