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The Kingdom Reputation Report

Explore Saudi Arabia’s media evolution journey with CARMA’s comprehensive analysis spanning 2020 to 2023. Our study, leveraging advanced AI and expert insights across 6,600+ major media ...
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Analysing the Reputation of Financial Hubs: Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai

We produced a report that analysed Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai as financial hubs. Their proximity to one another and similar size sparks comparisons between ...
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The Global Impact of Lionel Messi’s Saudi Arabia Tourism Campaign

Discover the transformative impact of Lionel Messi’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s tourism campaign through CARMA’s comprehensive report. This report discusses the remarkable surge in media ...
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PRCA Measurement Conference 2023 – Elevating Insights for Success

As the communication landscape continues to evolve, it’s crucial to keep pace with the latest tools and tactics that help you prove the value of ...
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Weathering the Storm: Comms in Uncertain Times

The world is in permanent crisis mode – economic uncertainty, the climate crisis, geopolitical tensions and conflicts escalating, the rise of AI, looming elections in ...
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Threads Explored: Insights and Perspectives on the Newest Platform

Threads, the new social media platform that has been operational for two weeks, is the focus of an upcoming discussion organised by the PRCA. This ...
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