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Morocco’s World Cup Success Goes Far and Beyond Football

Discover CARMA’s report on the impact of the 2022 World Cup on Morocco. This report provides insights and analysis on the implications of the increased media visibility and exposure that Morocco gained from its historic achievement in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

CARMA’s research shows that Morocco’s visibility within key media outlets rose by 277% during the world cup and 23% after the world cup compared to the period preceding the world cup whereas the Kingdom’s reach increased by 36% thus impacting tourism in Morocco tremendously.

This CARMA report:

  • Evaluates the shift in media coverage and perception of Morocco prior, throughout, and after the World Cup.
  • Highlights the amplification of Morocco’s success on social media and showcases the increasing interest from regional and global audiences towards Morocco.
  • Identifies the impact of the World Cup on different sectors in Morocco, including tourism and the overall economy.
  • Offers recommendations on how Morocco should capitalize on this opportunity to convert this intangible investment into business opportunities, boost the “made in Morocco” brand, and accelerate development.

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