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Beyond the Field: Analysing the Global Impact of Lionel Messi’s Saudi Tourism Campaign

Discover the transformative impact of Lionel Messi’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s tourism campaign through CARMA’s comprehensive report. This report discusses the remarkable surge in media coverage and public interest that followed Messi’s recent endorsement, spotlighting the Kingdom as a premier tourist destination.

CARMA’s analysis reveals an impressive 48M reach on the day Messi shared the campaign video on his Instagram, showcasing an immediate and substantial increase in global attention towards Saudi tourism. This campaign not only propelled Saudi Arabia into the spotlight but also significantly boosted’s web traffic by 100%, illustrating the profound impact of integrating global icons in communications strategies.

This CARMA report:

  • Evaluates the surge in public interest and media coverage resulting from Messi’s participation, including a detailed analysis of the campaign’s engagement across various platforms.
  • Offers an in-depth analysis of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from mainstream media across high-coverage countries, contrasted with the nuanced criticisms from highly engaged social media audiences.
  • Details statistics on the thematic focus of the content around the campaign, highlighting a balanced interest between women empowerment, cultural transformation, and the overarching theme of tourism.
  • Examines owned social media engagement metrics, showcasing the effective use of Messi’s global appeal to amplify content reach and engagement.

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