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The opinion maker’s influence on the Portuguese presidential elections

What were the main opinions and comments in the media about Candidates for the Portuguese Presidential Elections in 2021?

In a year where campaigning was a little different to usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, presidential candidates turned to Traditional and Online / Social Media to convey their ideas and proposals.

The formation of public opinion around each of the candidates owes a lot, not only to political debates and speeches, but also to the comments and opinion articles that are published in the media and social networks, by personalities such as politicians, economists, commentators , journalists, among others who play an extremely important role in shaping public opinion.

Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and specialized human analysis, we analyzed the main Portuguese media and Social Networks to assess the impact of Opinion Makers and Commentators on the Presidentials of January 2021.

This report will:

  • Analyze content and favorability of Opinion Articles and Political Comments in the Portuguese National Media about “Presidentials 2021” and Candidates for Election for the Presidency of the Republic
  • Provide detailed Insights of its Media Communication performance in Portugal;
  • Highlight the main issues concerning each Presidential Candidate and how it affects their reputation and media coverage, using the Favorability analysis and the CARMA IQ Score, which are CARMA proprietary metrics;
  • Analyze the main conversation drivers shared on the social network Twitter by the Key Opinion Makers about the “Race to Belém”;
  • Correlate Google Search data related to the Presidential Campaign and about each of the Candidates with the data analyzed across Traditional, Online and Social Media.
  • Qualitative Analysis by Candidate for President of the Republic, by area of ​​activity or theme

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