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PRCA Americas Event with SAS and CARMA

COVID Communications Strategy: A Measureable Success

Kristy Zach, Marketing Sciences and Technology Analyst, SAS
Alison Williams, Director of Client Services, UK & USA, CARMA

When an organization has to pivot in the face of a crisis like Covid-19, that’s where quality measurement really shines – providing vital insights to adjust strategy and reset goals to meet the moment. Kristy and Alison will discuss how the communications team at SAS:

  • Pivoted a major annual event with a date-driven strategy
  • Measured and reported meaningful results back to the business
  • Leveraged their measurement programme around SAS’s Covid response to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders across the business
  • Aligning PR tactics with organisational objectives
  • How organizations can adapt their approach to communications evaluation in times of crisis
  • Common mistakes and top tips

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