Staying ahead of the curve in pharma, reputation and crisis management

How pharmaceutical companies can manage crisis in a digital age

85 minutes


Back in June 2016, CARMA hosted an event in New York City that posed the question: how important is reputation to the pharmaceutical industry?

Many pharmaceutical organizations will have experienced their fair share of scandals at some point involving corruption, test data falsification, bribery among others without ever really losing substantial traction in the markets – scandals which typically would paralyze organizations in any other industry.

However, our research showed that industry critics are growing in number and opposition to certain practices is becoming more harsh as are the regulatory and political attitudes persistently challenging the industry.

In the conference, we examined how critical good reputation really is to the pharmaceutical sector, what to do in the face of reputational loss and how to sustain strong reputational capital.

Watch the clip from the conference below.

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