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What Matters in PR? A Conversation With Nik Pearson from Honda

In our conversation, Nik shares how working in Japanese companies has influenced his working style, the skills that he deems valuable to all communications practitioners.

The Measurement Standard

How Automotive Companies can turbo-charge their Media Monitoring

Sector-based monitoring is a good idea for any company looking to build their brand, but it can sometimes be hard to determine where to start.

Case Study

BMW’s Measurement Revolution: Answering the “So What?”

CARMA worked with BMW Group Asia’s comms team to elevate their measurement to speak the language of the business, establish best practice, and answer the ‘so what’.


Japan Mobility Show 2023:
Comprehensive Media Overview

Explore our article as we navigate the insights by leading auto manufacturers at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 delving into the most mentioned brands and their leading narratives.

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Following the recent headlines on the decline of EV sales, PR professionals must navigate the shifting tides of consumer sentiment and market dynamics carefully. This could involve emphasising comms on adaptation and innovation, but also highlighting success stories, successful partnerships, collaborations and fostering a sense of community and engagement within the broader EV ecosystem.

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