Broadcast Monitoring

The media has changed. So must your media monitoring.

Broadcast remains the most used and trusted platform for news consumption.

CARMA is focused on finding the content that matters, to help its clients manage their reputation. Our broadcast monitoring services are designed to support you whatever your requirements.

From automated digital searches through to human-researched and expertly summarized extracts, our approach brings you the content that matters in a format tailored to your needs.

  • International, national and regional TV and radio
  • Streamed directly in our online portal
  • 100’s of sources from round the world
  • Integrated with print, online and social monitoring
  • Breaking news and real time alerts
  • Specialist crisis monitoring support

Whatever your requirement across broadcast channels our media monitoring services are delivered globally, 24/7.

If you need to cut through the noise and see the coverage that matters, you should be talking to CARMA.

Proud to be delivering what matters to: