ESG Weeklypedia

A collab of Garoupa INC and CARMA highlighting all relevant ESG content

This Weekly Digest aims to highlight the most important news regarding the Environment, Social Responsibility, and Governance (ESG) over the past week.

We monitor and analyze news related to sustainable energy, renewable resources, circular economy, ecological practices, green innovation, and other areas covered by ESG.

Our goal is to closely follow the implementation of sustainable practices in various sectors and provide a weekly summary of the most relevant news in this area.

We analyze news from various media sources –

The digest is written in Portuguese and follows a freemium approach, granting complimentary access to its first four editions and available with a payment for continued access. 

It will be available for ongoing access for a monthly fee. For more information contact:

This initiative is the result of a CARMA collaboration with Garoupa INC.

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