FIFA World Cup 2022 Social Media Highlights

The best way to proactively manage your brand reputation during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and beyond

How are brands, influencers, teams and players, portrayed in the media? Which issues across global social and traditional media are driving the news agenda?

Staying informed in a fast-paced media environment is challenging. When a single piece of news can spark a reputational crisis or soaring share prices, time-pressed executives need to know what’s happening in an easily digestible format to make the right decisions. CARMA’s executive briefings and real-time alerts will do just that:

Executive Briefing:

  • Daily report, hand-curated and summarised by our team of news analysts
  • Deliver media intelligence to an audience outside your communications team
  • Coverage from Tier-1 social and traditional media
  • Coverage of your brand and top competitors
  • Coverage of top themes, issues, people and events


Breaking News Alerts:

  • Chatbot alerts sent to your WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram account as it breaks
  • Our team of professional editors sifts through the volume and identifies content of strategic importance
  • Fully linked to original articles and social media posts
  • 24/7 service with unlimited recipients

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