IDEX 2023

What is the media reporting on the world’s most significant tri-service defense exhibition?

During the event, CARMA offered complimentary Daily Executive Briefings and created an infographic that you can access on this page by clicking the link above.

We’re excited to share our IDEX 2023 Media Evaluation Report with you. Our report covers a wide range of social and traditional media analyses, answering questions like what were the main topics discussed during the event, how exhibitors were covered, and which brands had the most effective media communication.

Here are some key takeaways from our report:

  • The event received extensive coverage from traditional and social media, with articles and posts appearing in over 100 countries and 41 different languages.

  • High-reach consumer media outlets, such as Yahoo! News (USA), Daily Mail Online (UK), and MSN USA (US-es), covered the event in addition to industry press.

  • Exhibitors showcased their enthusiasm for emerging technologies through partnerships, announcements, and cutting-edge solutions, highlighting the role of advanced technology in decision-making.

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