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MENAT Airports & Airlines Media Evaluation Report

Discover CARMA’s evaluation report focusing on MENAT Airports & Airlines. This comprehensive analysis unveils the media performance and perception of the region’s leading airports and airlines. It dissects communication strategies, highlighting the synergy between traditional and social media. The study also extends to rank both these entities and their CEOs within each industry segment. 

Among the entities studied, prominent airports such as Dubai International Airport, Queen Alia International Airport, Istanbul Airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport, and Kuwait International Airport are featured. Airlines like Emirates Airlines, EgyptAir, Riyadh Air, Qatar Airways, and SAUDIA are also part of this analysis.

The learnings drawn from this CARMA report comprise: 

  • Operational and logistical issues in the industry often get magnified in media.  
  • Communication on social media is one-way.  
  • Partnerships are crucial to elevate the overall customer experience.  
  • The industry requires enhanced crisis management strategies. 
  • Leveraging popular brand ambassadors and public figures can provide a notable advantage. 

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