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The Kingdom Reputation Report

The 4th annual report on Saudi Arabia’s evolving coverage analyzing 6,600+articles across 33 markets

Explore Saudi Arabia’s media evolution journey with CARMA’s comprehensive analysis spanning 2020 to 2023.

Our study, leveraging advanced AI and expert insights across 6,600+ major media titles in 33 markets, highlights shifts in sentiment and thematic focus, notably driven by Vision 2030.

In 2023, Saudi Arabia stepped up its approach to international relations, sports engagement, and economic development, all intricately tied to Vision 2030. These efforts aim to position the Kingdom as a forward-thinking, vibrant society with a thriving economy.

Key highlights featured in our report:

  • A progressively more positive sentiment over the 4 years as media continue to portray a better image of the Kingdom.
  • The emphasis on dominant themes such as economic diversification, tourism, and cultural growth.
  • Vision 2030’s remarkable surge in media coverage (174% increase YoY).
  • Strategic insights into Saudi Arabia’s economic and diplomatic advancements.

Discover CARMA’s critical findings shaping Saudi Arabia’s narrative and global perception—download the report today.

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