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MEPRA Virtual Summer School: Social Media Best Practice

What does social media best practice look like today?

85 minutes

In this MEPRA Virtual Summer School session, Heena Mak explores social media best practice, what works and what doesn’t work, how audiences are changing, which platforms are appropriate for certain campaigns, how social media content is changing and the role of influencers moving forward.

This workshop was conducted as a webinar as part of MEPRA’s Virtual Summer School program.

About the speaker

Heena Mak, Creative Strategist at SOCIALEYEZ

Heena Mak is a Creative Strategist at SOCIALEYEZ with an industry experience of 7 years. Originally from a Journalistic background, Heena has a passion for all things creative. She actively seeks out the next best thing when it comes to digital media, specializing in creating and executing strategies that put clients’ needs at the forefront. Her portfolio includes a plethora of clients in government, telecommunication, aviation, beauty and destinations.



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MEPRA has partnered with CARMA and various other leaders in the space to host 12 free virtual workshops from June to August 2020 on a number of topics to help future proof your career, including sessions on digital marketing, presentation skills, measurement, strategy, leadership plus more. For more information on MEPRA or its summer program, click here.

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