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On-demand webinar: Measuring What Matters

Helps you tell the right story

61 minutes

This webinar, led by PR measurement experts Alison Williams, Orla Graham & Luis Garcia present to communications professionals across the globe. Their slides and Q&A discussion explore:

– How measuring what matters helps you to tell the right story.
– Why it is important to find the metrics that matter.
– How to set up a measurement framework.
– Case studies of real global brands.

About the speakers

Orla Graham is an Account Director at CARMA, with 13 years of experience in media analysis and insights. She has a particular interest in the not-for-profit sector, having contributed a chapter on evaluation of ‘Communicating Causes: Strategic Public Relations for the Non-profit Sector’ (2018, ed Garsten & Bruce), and is a member of the AMEC Not-for-Profit group, and its Young Leaders group.

Alison has spent over a decade in the media industry, and has become a trusted consultant to global brands, designing multi-market measurement programs for communications teams across traditional, digital and social media. At Carma, she manages a team of experienced consultants in the UK and USA, ensuring the delivery of measurement programs which are flexible, actionable, and industry-leading. On the weekends, Alison keeps busy running after her toddler, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring London on her bike and planning her post-lockdown travels.

Luís Garcia is the Managing Director of CARMA for Portugal & Africa, based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. Energized by the challenge of dynamic, fast growing industries and obsessed with contributing unique and inspiring ideas, Luís has been developing an international career focused on marketing, sales and business development, carrying out and managing several cross-country projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. With a track record of driving rapid growth of innovative technologies, Luís believes that communication, respect and teamwork are key factors to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

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