Timothy Webb

CEO Europe & Americas

Timothy Webb is the Chief Executive Officer of CARMA, responsible for overseeing operations across Europe and the Americas. With over 27 years of diverse expertise, Webb is recognized for his leadership in sales, marketing, client service, product development, technology, and executive management.

Throughout his career, Webb has demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for driving business transformation and growth in both digital and traditional media landscapes. Prior to joining CARMA, Webb held senior positions in product development at Adobe and leadership roles at Incisive Media. He also played an essential role in spearheading Time Out’s global franchise business.

Webb’s leadership style emphasizes fostering positive team cultures across diverse geographies, driving excellence in client service, and orchestrating effective sales and marketing strategies that have consistently delivered substantial revenue growth. His extensive knowledge and strategic vision continue to drive CARMA’s success in media intelligence and analytics.

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