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Crisis Communications

Your guide to leveraging media intelligence for crisis planning and management

In the age of fake news and social media, negative news can very quickly go viral and out-of-hand. While it is not always possible to avoid a crisis, being ahead of the ‘crisis curve’ puts PR and communications professionals in a better place to actively manage the situation and mitigate potential reputational risks when crises arise.

This Resource Hub is designed to support you in using media monitoring and measurement through the various stages of a crisis to plan for, respond and deal with thorny situations that can put your brand in a negative light.

Stay ahead of your crisis

Having the right data that allows you to act swiftly is key in any crisis. News services that are solely triggered by keywords can drown you in content. CARMA’s team of expert editors work 24/7 across the globe to cut through the noise and highlight the news that matters, as it breaks.

Understand the impact of a crisis on your brand

A crisis measurement report helps communicators move beyond monitoring, turning media outputs into business intelligence. When the crisis dies down, it is part of the PR and communications teams forward-facing arsenal to inform strategy and tactics, to review and course-correct, to educate and guide internal stakeholders.

Watch on-demand webinar

In this webinar, you will learn from Richard Bagnall and Gareth Owens, two of the industry’s most experienced monitoring and evaluation practitioners, and gain insight into making sure that your monitoring is fit for the uncertainties ahead.

Discussion topics:


Measuring and Monitoring in Times of Crisis

Get the step-guide to leveraging data and insights to help you stay on top of an unfolding crisis and track how your strategy is playing out.


Communicate in a Crisis: Guide for PR Pro Survival

The way you respond during a crisis can make or break your brand reputation. Discover these tips to engage and influence to maximise brand trust.


Measure Better in a Crisis

Sometimes, responses are met with scepticism. You want to know about this and keep track of its impact to see how the narrative is shifting. Having the right data and insight will help you decide on the next steps.

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