Deputy Executive Reports Manager-Beirut


  • Implement directives and communicate them to the team, thus ensuring they always work based on updated information 
  • Maintain consistency in spelling and grammar for the edited and/or written reports 
  • Support the selecting, editing and reviewing of the reports through continuous coordination with the Executive Reports Manager and Executive Reports Team Leaders 
  • Follow up on and supervise the training of the researchers, editors and quality control editors to maintain a high level of performance 
  • Understand thoroughly client expectations, thus ensuring all data and reports delivered reflect the client requirements and respect the deadlines agreed upon 
  • Activate new projects internally and assign tasks in coordination with the Executive Reports Manager 
  • Develop style guide and product guide for key accounts, to align with client instructions and maintain consistency across deliverables 
  • Handle administrative tasks as assigned by the Executive Reports Manager  
  • Brief the team on new accounts’ tasks, requests, as well as the client background and the required information from Client Service before activation 
  • Implement Quality Assurance for key accounts and develop quality control checklists 
  • Coordinate with the Media Monitoring Manager, Team Leaders and Client Success on new projects/reports, in order to meet the client requirements 
  • Participate in the recruitment of the team through interviews and tests, and train and onboard new joiners 
  • Fill on TICK the time allocated for every assignment/report, on a regular basis, ensure the team is filling their tasks on TICK and update concerned parties on employees’ status change (new joiner, leaver, transfer, etc.) 
  • Support, guide team leaders, evaluate their performance and recommend trainings, when need be, in coordination with the Executive Reports Manager 
  • Comply with CARMA policies and procedures and support CARMA mission and vision 
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned by direct manager 


BA in English, Linguistics, Translation, Media, Journalism or any related field.  


Minimum 3 years of experience as a senior member in the Executive Reports department. 

At least 2 years of experience in a managerial position. 


Kindly apply through the below link: