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Analysing the Reputation of Financial Hubs: Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai

We produced a report that analysed Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai as financial hubs. Their proximity to one another and similar size sparks comparisons between the three city-states.

Explore the discussions from our webinar in our on-demand recording. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious learner, our on-demand recording offers knowledge on the importance of reputation for a country, the impact of reputation on PR, ESG coverage in the media, and more.

Gain access to expert perspectives from our distinguished speakers, including an esteemed editor and a seasoned university professor, who brought their firsthand experiences of living and working within these bustling markets.


Moderator: Charles Cheung, Hong Kong’s General Manager, CARMA

The discussion is based on findings from our latest report: ‘Analysing Hong Kong’s Reputation as a Global Financial Hub’.

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